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The NACF partners have again collaborated to provide an overview of
framework performance across the country...
NACF KPI Review v. National Average
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The National Association of Construction Frameworks (NACF) is playing a unique role in leading the
on-going adoption of best practice in local government. Building on the successes to date of the Improvement and Efficiency Partnerships (IEPs), the NACF is working together with the Local Government Association (LGA) to help shape the future of the national procurement strategy - construction workstream.

The NACF has actively supported delivery of the Government Construction Strategy through:

  • Contributions to the Construction Cost Benchmarking publication
  • Active trial projects for Two Stage Open Book model of procurement
  • Active support to the implementation of “BIM” and “Soft Landings”
  • Driving Fair Payment in the supply chain
  • Co-authored the “Effectiveness of Frameworks” publication
  • Contributed to the development of PAS 91
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